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Samra It's not everyday you need to get a title transfer, but when you need to you want it done quickly. The Texas auto title and insurance company gave me the exceptional service that I was looking for. I recently bought a vehicle and needed to transfer the title and went to a company other than the Texas auto title and insurance company, and they gave me the run around and would not assist me. The service was very poor and they lacked in their customer service skills. Recently, a friend of mine suggested I go to the Texas auto title and insurance company. At first, I was hesitant after my experience with the other company, but I am glad I went to the Texas auto title and insurance company because they handled my request right away with no problem, and within 2 days all my work was done. They were so polite, efficient and quick. I work during the week and wanted a company who would assist me on Saturday, my only day off. The Texas auto title and insurance company took care of me without any hesitation and told me to not worry about anything. I am extremely happy and sold on the Texas auto title and insurance company and will never go elsewhere. Thank you Texas auto title and insurance company for your hard work and service to make sure your customers are satisfied. 2014-05-27 12:05:11
Ken Kelso Iam an older guy so I found the website to be a little confusing as to get where I needed to but once I got the hang of it was very easy to renew my car's registration online. Then I even received it in the mail sooner than expected. Ill be calling you guys again soon to enquire about dealer licensing opportunities and will definitely be sending a few referrals.Thank you guys. 2014-05-22 17:22:14
Darryl They were ready to answer all my questions and concerns about my surety bond and made it super easy for me 2014-02-27 22:57:47
Lwhitney-FW, Tx I found Texas Title and Ins Co on Craigslist. I was very hesitant to contact them and use them to process my registration on my vehicle because of the reputation of Craigslist. Even though it was a bit challenging to get their prompt attention, they were resourceful and helpful to provide me the temporary tags, I believe that I will use them again in the future for other registration needs. 2013-09-06 09:22:23
Teresa Adams I was referred to Texas Auto Title and Insurance Company when I was looking to change from one of the major companies because of bad service. I contacted them and got a lower quote. They were very easy to talk to and listened when I described my needs. I also got fast friendly service. I've use them for my auto insurance for the past year and a half and will continue to use them in the future. 2013-08-06 07:04:22


I highly recommend these guys for dealer license. They really know what they are doing. I did all my dealer license from them and will continue to in the future. Thank you for always helping me.
Ali K.
Kat Financial LLC Houston, Texas

I first apply for my salvage license because it was cheaper and to see if they can do it. I am new to this and didn't want to spend so much money at first but seeing is believing my friend. It took a month and I was very happy to see that they did what they said they would do. I will come back soon to apply for my other dealer license. Thank you.
Rotimi O.
Jofad Motors & Logistics Houston, Texas

Great service and great people at The Texas Auto Title Company. I was able to get my retail and salvage dealer license in a nice packaged deal with a great price and the best service anywhere. Thank you.
George M.
George's Discount Car Care Houston, Texas

I didn't get my dealer license from them but from someone else. I didn't know about The Texas Auto Title Company at that time but I wish I had considering all the run around that company who I hired had given me. They didn't care about helping me much after they took my money so obviously I didn't seek out the same company when I needed to apply for my Finance License. Decided to give The Texas Auto Title Company a try and wow what a difference like night and day. They really do have the best Customer Service. No run arounds here just business! Thanks for getting me the finance license and quick!
Naeem Khan
Delta AutoPlex Houston, Texas

I drove all the way from San Antonio just so I could apply for my dealer license with the company from all the good things I read online but I almost went somewhere else at first. A location on Gessner and Bellaire. When I asked if I was in the right place they lied to me that they are The Texas Auto Title Company when I asked them. When in fact they were Texas Auto Title Service. I realized I was in the wrong place when I read all the bad google reviews and got out of there quick! Def don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I almost did. The Texas Auto Title Company has just one location located on the corner of Eldridge Pkwy and Bellaire Blvd. Long story short I made my way to the right place and applied for my dealer license. Just like the reviews say I had my license in a about a month. Very pleased because things could have gone very wrong for me had I not initially realize I was at the wrong place. Thank you The Texas Auto Title Company.
Roberto G.
RR Kustoms San Antonio, Texas

I was referred by a friend. So glad I was! Thank you for processing the retail and salvage dealer license for our business.
Askar Ali
Texazcar Sugar Land, Texas

Thanks for the great service through out the entire process. I am now a dealer in business because of you. Look forward to working with you for years to come.
John Maine
Authorize Autos Houston, Texas

Amazing service for those looking to break through into the used car business. Look no further than The Texas Auto Title Company. PERIOD!
Steph A.
Star Luxury Rides Houston, Texas

I wanna thank you guys for getting my salvage dealer license for me. The process was seamless. I plan on applying for my Retail license through you as well. A+A+A+
Brandon H
Southern Whips Houston, Texas

I applied before I had to leave out of town for business. Was pleasantly surprised to find out I was dealer when I got back. You guys really don't waste any time. Thank you!
Raul R.
Johnny's Car Clinic Houston, Texas

Amazing service Kamran is great! We had all of our licenses and were up and running within a month! Highly recommend The Texas Auto Title Company if your looking to get into the used car business

Thank you so much Bhai for your help when I needed it the most you were always there for me. Now that I got my Retail & Salvage dealer license from you I am doing great alhumdulillah.
Abdul Aziz
Alex Auto Motors Houston, Texas

Not only got me my dealer license but also got my corporation setup for me. Thanks!
Raul- Chimney Rock Auto LLC
Houston, Texas

Found you guys on Facebook. We are in Dallas so we applied for the dealer license online on your website. The process was crazy easy and very fast. Our license arrived within a month so glad I found you guys!
Dzung- JDM Motors
Arlington, Texas

I found you guys online so I called in made an appointment and here we are a month later with our new wholesale license. Thanks for that and always being there whenever we had questions.
Mike- ZoomAwayLLC
Katy, Texas

Kamran is great! Helped me get a dealer license done. This place is the real deal! Very professional and fast. Always responds. Highly recommend him. Reviews do not lie.
Kuleen- Prestige Motor Group
Houston, Texas

Thank you for getting us our dealer license.
Gen- Uniworld Tech Inc
Sugarland, Texas

They are based out of Houston Texas so I applied here online on this website and I gotta tell you it was the easiest thing I've ever done and Iam glad I did it. Just like all the reviews say got my dealer license quick and easy!
Richard- RH Auto Sales & Service
Seminole, Texas

Very quick on our retail and salvage dealer license thank you.
Richard- Shift Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

Got me my finance license in less than a month. Unbelievable!
Ludwin - Cary Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

They've helped us obtain every single license possible! They come through every time! Which is why I recommend them to anyone whos looking to get their dealer license because we know they never disappoint.
Esperanza - Yes Auto Sales
Port Arthur, Texas

Made getting my dealers license quick and easy!!!!! Great service
Vishnue - Rightway Auto Sales & Service
Houston, Texas

I was also referred to The Texas Auto Title Company by a dealer friend I had met. He recommended you with the highest of recommendation and now I see why. I had been buying and selling cars through someone else for a very long time. I am very grateful that with your help I was able to get my own dealer license. I am now buying and selling cars in business for my self and I could not be more happier. Thank you so much.
Sunny- Adline Auto Sales
Sugarland, Texas

We got our dealer license very quickly thanks to Kamran for doing a good job.
Amir- Paradise Motor
Houston, Texas

Dealer Licenses. I was amazed how quickly they did it! WOW!
Temitope M
Round Wheels Auto Sugar Land, Texas

Thanks for keeping us updated throughout the entire process. Thanks to you we have all the dealer licenses under the sun and will be applying for our Finance License with you soon as well.
Moe- EFX Motors LLC
Houston, Texas

I was referred to Kamron by a friend of mine who also got their dealer license through this company. We had been trying for a very long time to get our license but were not successful. They very quickly helped us with corporation filing and set us up with the retail and salvage dealer licenses. I highly recommend them to you. You will be very happy you went with them.
Ruslan H.
Anmag Auto Car Care LLC Porter, Texas

Very professional company to work with. Very happy with all the services they provide me as a dealer. Because of your help to get our dealer license we are in business. Thank you for your help.
Chidibere C.
Natdora International Inc Houston, Texas

They are very good. They helped me the entire process for all of my dealer licenses. Thank you
Kofoworola O.
Heritage Global Resources San Antonio, Texas

We got our Retail Dealer license through them. Fast, Quick and Easy!
Sofia - REBO Motors
Houston, Texas

We thought we could do it ourselves and apply for our OCCC Finance License online through the state - BIG MISTAKE! We learned the hard way that although you can do it online it requires lots of leg work! Iam busy and I don't have time to be sitting around writing essays. Long story short they were about to cancel my application because it had been months of us trying to get the license. Then a friend referred me to The Texas Auto Title Company. I like the fact they were honest up front and I knew exactly what I could expect. They didn't make me any promises except for they will do their best since I already messed everything up trying to apply for it on my own. So I decided to let them have a shot at it and the following week I had my license issued to me. I cant thank you enough these guys are awesome.
Ali A.
Highway 6 Car Care Houston, Texas

I highly recommend them if you are looking to get your dealer license. I applied for a retail and salvage license and we got both of those very quickly!
Guillermo Gutierrez
USA United Auto Finance Houston, Texas

We were transferring our titles with company who was un responsible, unprofessional and very unreliable. One day one of your reps came to visit us and we decided that we were going to switch over to you guys because we had had enough issues with our paper work not being transferred in a timely manner. We switched title companies back in 2014 and haven't looked back since. They have gone beyond what is required of them to help us out on many occasions and we appreciate the extra effort Kamran and company put in. If your a dealer and are looking for a great company to work with then I highly recommend you contact The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Co today.
Mir Mohammed
Motor World USA LLC Houston, Texas

They are great to work with if your looking for someone to transfer titles for your dealership. We were using someone else but made the switch over a year ago and very happy that we did.
Bhasker-SBC Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

I was referred by a good friend of mines over at Twin City Auto. I really thought he was exaggerating when he told me you guys got him his retail dealer license in one week until I also got mines the following week. We had been trying for months. I don't know how you guys did it! But we are very pleased and intend on applying for our finance license with you as well. Again thank you very much for your help.
Joey B
Drive it Home LLC Beaumont, Texas

Great job on our Finance license guys!
Sean Karimi
Chase Auto Depo Houston, Texas

I just wanted to say thank you very much for processing my dealer license. I really appreciate it and will be referring people. Thank you.
Tiwand M
TM Affordable Cars Houston, Texas

I found you guys online. Did my research. I read your reviews on Facebook. Applied for my dealer license on your website. You processed it very fast for me. Thank you
Emran Asad
Texas Motor Sport Houston, Texas

Salvage Dealer License in! Fast! Thank you!
Emilio O
2 Bros Auto Shop Houston, Texas

The best title service we have ever used. Always reliable and dependable. And best is they get things done!
Abdul W
SBC Auto Sales ONE Houston, Texas

Great service on helping us get our OCCC Finance License so that we can start to finance vehicles in house. I Highly recommend them if you are trying to get into the used car business. They'll get you licensed and squared away!
Imran Patel
Friendly Car Care Houston, Texas

I tried to apply on my own but shouldn't have. Had some difficulty gathering all the documents necessary. My uncle referred me to you guys. It was more than I wanted to spend but my uncle told me it was worth it and ofcourse he was right. I know it wasn't easy to get my license but you guys make it look easy. Thank you very much for your help.
Seyed T
Crossroads Auto Sales Houston, Texas

We were able to renew our dealer license quick and easy. Kamran is very helpful. Will continue to do business with you. Thanks!
Miguel A. - Tx Best Auto
Houston, Texas

Did a terrific job on my dealer license
M. Khan - Atlas Autos
Stafford, Texas

Thank you for helping us get our dealer license. We really appreciate it.
Antonio T. - I Sell For Less
Cypress, Texas

I was referred to you guys by a friend of mines as a company who specializes in getting auction licenses for dealers. At first I had to think about it for a while before I made my decision but now I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. Thank you for helping me get my salvage license.
K. Johnson
J&N Investments Houston, Texas

I was referred to you guys by a friend of mines as a company who specializes in getting auction licenses for dealers. At first I had to think about it for a while before I made my decision but now I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. Thank you for helping me get my salvage license.
Luis H.-LH Auto Sales
Houston, Texas

I got my salvage dealers license and it was fast! ;P Thanks Kamran!
Justin H.
Fast Line Motors

Make sure you guys talk to Kamran. I was referred to him by a friend. I was new to this used car business and had lots of questions but he made me feel comfortable and recommended that I started off small by getting my Salvage License. Thanks to to him fast forward 3 weeks later and I am in business. Thanks to Kamran. Keep up the great work man.
Brandon Andrews
Slabz R Us Auto Sales Houston, Texas

Received my Salvage Dealers License quick and easy no hassles! Thank you very much!
Antonio P.
Pena Motor Services Carrolton, Texas

Not much to say but amazing service. Just wanted to let you know that we received our Salvage Dealer License. Was expecting to get it in about 6-8 weeks like you said but we got it in 2! Thanks!
Najib H.
2 Guys Sales Dallas, Texas

Out of all the companies we have used it's been the easiest working with you. We save lots of time and money by taking care of things like filing for bonded titles and filing mechanic liens online right from your website with no hassle and best of all we never have to leave the office. Everything done fast and easy but most importantly done right! Thank you.
Edmond S.
Global Motorsports Houston, Texas

Kamran and team made the process sound so easy that at first even I was a little skeptical. In 2 short weeks we had our dealer license even I couldn't believe how fast it was! You guys really do not play around. Amazing work guys!
Dan W.
D&K Automotive Repair and Sales Leander, Texas

A special thanks for helping us get licensed. We were so impressed how easy and quick it was so we also got our motor vehicle finance license through you guys as well which took about a month to get here. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Bodre R
Fairway Motors LLC Porter, Texas

We got all the licenses. The retail, salvage, salvage parts, and finance license. They all came in fairly more quickly than we had expected. We are ready to sign up for your title transfer service online as well. Thanks to you guys we are in business and ready to go. Thank you!
Lariba Motors,Houston Tx

Thank you for helping us obtain our auto dealers license. I had come to you off a referral a trustworthy friend had given me so I had no second guesses about it. I just applied online and sent a check in for payment which was very easy. The following week yes week! I had my new dealers license in hand issued by the state of Texas. Now that was unbelievable and very impressive guys. I have other friends who have been trying to get licensed for 8 months now. I will definitely pass on your contact information to them and tell them friends this is the difference when you hire someone versus doing it yourselves. Thanks to you we can already start making money rather than standing around waiting for things to happen.
Jonathan Morfin
Twin City Auto, Porter Tx

We switched over because their title service for automobile dealers is fast, easy and professional. If your a dealer and looking for a great company to handle all your transactions then look no further than The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company if you want to see results with no hassle. Thanks guys!
Amanda S.
Gulf Autoplex LLC Houston, Texas

My father had hired another title company to do our dealers license for us. 7 months passed by without nothing. Apparently this company was giving us the run around in the end stating that I was too young and that they could not get me licensed. Then I was referred to The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company by a friend of mines. My dad was very skeptical because you told us we would have our license in 4 short weeks after the previous auto title company we had been working with waisted almost a year of our time. But I applied with you based on all the good things my friend had said about your company. Within a week I even had a confirmation number and the following week we received our dealers license in the mail. Now that was impressive! Really impressed with the professionalism that was displayed and updates to my email proving that my license was actually being processed. Id like to thank you so much for helping us out.
Sary Mosa
MSA Auto Sales Houston, Texas

Applying for our Retail Dealers License was as easy 1,2,3!
I had been thinking about applying for it for a while but now wish I had applied for it much sooner. Thanks to you we are already buying cars from the auction and selling! We will be applying online for our finance license very soon also! AGAIN THANK YOU!
Khawar Ali- K Auto Trader
Sugarland, Texas

They are great if your looking for any type of service concerning title transfers. We have had no problems ever since we switched to them. We are very happy with the title service and so are our customers. Thank you very much!
Roben - Mr Auto Finance
Katy, Texas

Our shop used you guys to file a mechanics lien on a vehicle. Much much better then the company we were using before! We appreciate the great service and the continues status updates we received via email through out the entire process till the title and registration were issued. No more trying to reach someone and not getting any answers about the status of our liens. If your a mechanic shop looking to file liens then I highly recommend trying this company. These guys are very professional and get things done!

Also we'de like to mention that we offer great rates on auto repair and body work so come see us!
12157 Bellaire Blvd in Houston Texas
Nisar Shakir - All Cars Care Center Body Shop
Houston, Texas

We already had a mechanic shop so we had room to park cars. We wanted to make additional income buying and selling cars but did not know how to go about doing it. I found yall on Craigslist. At first I was hesitant but then did some research online reading reviews on your Facebook Page and your website which gave me more confidence to go ahead and apply for my retail and salvage dealer licenses. All the reviews were true! This company is legit! And great to see great customer service still exists. You guys did a fantastic job and I have not one complaint. Again thank you!
Everth G - United Custom
Porter, Texas

This is a great company to go with if your looking to get a dealers license. Found them in an online ad and contacted them. They made the entire process so easy for us from beginning to end. A lot easier than dealing with the state. I just applied and paid for it online and had both my retail and salvage dealer licenses in the mail in about 4 weeks and if I had any questions they were allways there and handled it like professionals. If anyones in the market for a great used car please come and see us :D
Phil Jeffers - Lifestyle Auto
Sugarland, Texas

We applied for our Retail Dealer license through them. The service was very good. I found them through an online advertisement and they responded fairly quickly about within an hours time. I requested a quote from the website and the price was very affordable so we applied online for our license.

For a busy individual like myself one simply does not have the time nor did we want to waste any time. Once I applied and paid for my license the communication through email was excellent. What I liked best about working with you was that I litterally didnt have to do anything. I was very pleased that you guys took care of everything from beginning to end, it literally took no effort on our part what so ever. We already have our dealer number just a couple of weeks of applying and our license is on its way.

As far as Iam concerned The Texas Auto Title Company did an excellent job and we look forward to working with them on more projects in the future. We would definitely recommend them for anyone whos trying to obtain a dealer?s license to break into the used car business.
Bobby Beason
Echo Allied Corporation Huntsville, Texas

My Company was able to collaborate with The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company as a Sponser in their Facebook Ride of The Month Contests. I was pleased at how well the project was outlined, organized and confirmed. The customer service reps and agents who work here are very very professional, courteous, and polite. My total experience was everything as promised and even better than I had expected. It was very fun for us and a great way to promote my business. Given the opportunity I would certainly like to work with them again. I would highly recommend getting involved with the company and I will be referring lots of clientele , family and friends as well. Thank you
Ashley Silva
Ashley Silva Photography Facebook/ashleysilvaphotography

We have a mechanic shop and were looking to make extra income on the side buying and selling used cars. When applying for a dealer license I was skeptical and hesitant to take that first step. But once I did the rest was history. I heard from many friends and acquaintances who had been trying to apply for a license for months and some even years without any success. That's something I did not want to go through nor did I have the time for it? I was looking to make money right away and time is indeed money so we opted to go through a company who knows what it takes to get it done and they did not disappoint. Since I was just a beginner they made recommendations to tailor my needs and not their own. They have more expensive packages available but recommended the most cheapest one and that's what impressed me the most because trust me, other companies had no problem taking my money. I was told the process would take about 4-6 weeks and that I would have my license then but I was surprised as we had received it in just 3 weeks. Fast forward 6 months, we've grown, gained some experience and we now also hold a retail dealers license, instead of 3-5 cars?.15-25 cars can be found on our lot now at any given time.

It can be difficult for someone just starting out a new business, you have questions and don't know where to look for answers but this company is always there when I need them, for a company to just be there is unheard of. The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company is one of the best companies out there, probably the best auto title company we have ever worked with. The staff is very friendly, yet very professional and knowledgeable unlike other car title companies who say they know everything but in fact don't know nothing at all. The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company continues to exceed all of our expectations. Now that I know that I can get this level of service I refuse to work with any other title companies out there and even recommend them to other automobile dealers who's title companies tend to give them the run around. If your looking to get licensed or are in need of a car title company to handle all your title transactions then look no further than The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company.
Dannerick Joseph
SpringBranch Customs Houston, Texas

We usually don't do business with online companies. We thought it would be more difficult and more hassle but it was just the opposite. We cannot stress how much easier it was working with you than working with companies here locally just miles from us. We were easily able to quickly get all of our vehicles registration renewed without having to ever leave our office and without having our employees stand in line at the DMV all day long. Instead employees were able to stay in the office and be more productive rather than running back and forth to the other title company and not getting anything done. We were very surprised to find how affordable you are. For the few extra bucks it was totally worth it. With all the running around we were doing before it all amounts to the same but without the added stress and headaches of dealing with local companies. What we liked best was how quickly and efficiently our transactions were handled. Not to mention how quickly a representative got back to us, and within days, we had new tags in the mail! As a great company who knows a thing or two about great customer service and satisfaction, we highly recommend the services of The Texas Auto Title & Insurance Company. Fast & friendly service! We are highly impressed with your speedy service and we will definitely be doing business for a long time to come!
Chad Hawkins
Down South Kustoms